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Online-conference: conservation of ceramics in open air

10. Juni 2021



New! 10th of June 2021

The second edition of the annual event, organized at the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza (MIC) on the topic of conservation and restoration of ceramics, will concern the works placed outdoors.
Since ancient times, ceramic material has been used outdoors for architectural and decorative purposes, becoming more recently a vehicle for artistic expressions characterizing the urban layout and also aimed at its re-evaluation. Many Italian centers, such as Faenza, are characterized by a widespread ceramic heritage, which very often ends up being indiscriminately absorbed in the generalized perception of the city, at the expense of its knowledge and conservation. The open air location also subjects the works to the aggressive action of environmental, atmospheric and anthropic factors. It follows the need to protect and preserve this multifaceted heritage, the vulnerability of which only emerges when the manifestations of degradation become so evident as to require complex and costly restorations or the movement of the ceramics in a confined environment. Many conservative interventions could be avoided or reduced in their extent, if more frequent maintenance of the maintenance of the deterioration could occur, which could be carried out before the onset of degradation, could contribute to prolonging and improving the permanence of the products in the external environment.

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10. Juni 2021